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A list of Smart NFT plugin addons to make your website more powerful! 



ERC1155 is a novel token standard that aims to take the best from previous standards to create a fungibility-agnostic and gas-efficient token contract with batch transfers.

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Multichain addons enables you to create a cross platform on multi EVM based chains simultaneously. Mint, trade and earn from multiple chains at a time from SmartNFT plugin.

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Trade NFTs with custom tokens from ERC20 or BEP20 Standards. Import existing contract of create a contract with custom tokens amounts and trade and earn from multiple chains.

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Smart NFT comes with default Metamask wallet within it. Multiwallet addons focuses to integrate other popular wallets like Coinbase wallet, WalletConnect etc.

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Launchpad (Bulk NFT)

Smart NFT Launchpad is a top multi-chain Launchpad for NFTs on Ethereum, Binance etc. Mint bulk NFTs with a single click at a time.

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The bidding and buying process for an NFT is the same as most other lots. Some auctions may be online-only, where others may end in a live auction.

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Smart NFT supported feature enhanced theme for kick starting NFT projects and also making the whole system admin / user freindly.

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Payment Method

Payment methods addons enhances users to pay with fiat currencies to buy,sell and trade NFTS.

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Full cross-chain support

No need to worry about cross chain compatibility. ERC-1155 enable you to use the same API to build NFT applications across the following chains.

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