Running a Community Marketplace: Ultimate Guide

This guide will give you more context and show you how to make your community marketplace a success. Launching a community marketplace with Rarible requires no code knowledge and doesn’t cost any fees whatsoever.

This article is quite long, so we’ve split it up into a few parts. Click the links below to jump to the corresponding section immediately:

I. Why you need a community marketplace
II. Basic settings
III. Driving traffic to your marketplace
IV. Getting support from Rarible

Let’s start with a simple question.

I. Why should you create a community marketplace in the first place?

When you launch your own NFT collection, most of your community usually trades on third-party marketplaces. Having a community marketplace offers several advantages for your project:

1. Foolproof revenue for your project.

The fees from each trade go directly to your project’s treasury, benefitting your project and the community (instead of simply going into a centralized company’s pocket).

2. Aggregated liquidity + enforced royalties.

On a community marketplace, royalties are paid on each sale. Even if the listing was aggregated from a marketplace that would allow users to circumvent royalties, should they trade via that marketplace’s UI instead of your new platform.

3. No copycat scams + better navigation.

Your community is safe from copycat scam collections—and has a much better time navigating your project’s NFTs.

4. Web3 freedom.

Your project no longer has to rely on centralized marketplaces that technically can delist your collection at any time, causing massive damage.
Owning a community marketplace is a much more Web3-native experience.

5. On-brand shopping experience for your holders.

Your community feels at home and has an awesome, deeper experience trading NFTs on their new marketplace. Especially when it’s designed with on-brand colors, font and other customizable elements.

If you want to dig a bit deeper and learn why we think community marketplaces are the future of NFT trading, check out the article below:

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