Refund Policy

We adopted this refund policy to make customer satisfaction more flexible and smoother. For any queries about the purchased product, you can send us a support mail through this website. And before making a  refund request, you must have to check the following criteria:

  We only offer a refund for our products if:  

  • The purchased product is fully non-functional.
  • And you asked for customer support but did not get a reply within 7 days.
  • The product description and preview were completely misleading or wrong. 
  • Part of the theme is non-functional and did not get any support within 7 days after submitting a ticket/mail to our support center.

   We do not offer refund or reserve rights for refusing a refund request in cases of: 

  • If you mistakenly purchase any of our product
  • If your employee purchases a product from our profile on Envato or from here
  • Product sold on offer or at any special price.
  • If you purchase a product and expect it to work like another version, i.e., You downloaded the PSD/HTML version but expect to work like a WordPress version and vice versa.
  • A refund request will be null and void if requested after 7 days of purchasing the product.
  • You submitted your problem and the support team fixed your problem.