Mint an infinite number of both fungible and non-fungible ERC-1155 tokens in a single deployed smart-contract.

All EVM compatible 700+ chains supported
NFT Marketplace

Simple and secure NFT creation

With a single REST call, deliver NFTs to your users via audited smart contracts, without worrying about security, keys, decentralized storage, or managing gas fees.

NFT Marketplace

Depth of functionality

Edit and burn NFTs on-demand. Create new collections and manage marketplace listings. Set up royalties. All with one API.

NFT Marketplace

Leave nobody behind

Create wallets for new users. Send them NFTs to their email addresses and bring them into crypto through simple on-boarding flows and social log-ins.

What is so special in ERC-1155?

  • Deploy single contract and interact with existing SmartNFT Marketplace contract.
  • Mint thousands of editions at a single time.
  • Sell, Put on sale, Trasnfer, Burn, change price
  • All of EVM compatible chains supported
  • Dynamic metadata

Transfer, Gift ERC-1155 tokens to any wallet of your near and dear ones.

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"I really ❤️ Smart NFT and its what i have been waiting for and ofcourse the support...the guys are very helpful and amazing. There is so much more to come and really excited what they might surprise us with next 😊"
Jokin Patrick
Envato User

Create next-generation blockchain assets

ERC-1155 is the only token standard that enables you to create every type of asset, from currency and real estate to digital art and gaming items.

Multiple tokens

Define and configure both fungibles and NFTs in a single smart contract.

Batch transfers

Send multiple tokens in a single transaction.

Save gas

Cut gas fees by up to 90% when minting new tokens.

Atomic swaps

Enable atomic swaps of any amount of tokens in just two simple steps.

Advanced features

Enable users to do everything from destroying to upgrading NFTs.


Used by a growing number of projects in the Ethereum ecosystem.

NFT Marketplace

Multiple tokens standards

ERC-1155 token describes the existence and operation of fungible and non-fungible token types – all within the same contract.

Batch operations

With ERC-1155, multiple tokens can be sent in a single transaction — offering significant savings on gas costs and preventing the need to wait for each block in single transfers.
smart nft

Instant & unlimited minting

Using Smart NFT Express feature, you can mint NFTs instantly with one simple API call, on the following blockchains:

Free Minting on all NFTs

Free minting/lazy minting offers minting without a gas charge. Save gas fees of the minter and create thousands of editons of a NFT. This will be very much helpful for the NFT creators who want to list NFTs for free.

Smart NFT

One addons for every stage of your NFT project🚀

By developers. For developers.

Full cross-chain support

No need to worry about cross chain compatibility. ERC-1155 enable you to use the same API to build NFT applications across the following chains:

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Harness the power of ERC-1155 to transform a wide range of industries, from entertainment and finance to industrial design and artificial intelligence.