Create your own Polygon Marketplace in a few clicks

Polygon community marketplace builder is now live on Rarible!

Originally launched on Ethereum in August last year, the community marketplace builder lets any NFT collection owner independently create their own marketplace in just a few minutes with no coding involved and no fees charged by Rarible.

All community marketplaces have built-in liquidity via orders aggregated across biggest NFT marketplaces in the space (i.e. OpenSea, X2Y2, Rarible, LooksRare). So if your collection is listed on OpenSea, for instance, those same orders will be automatically displayed on your community marketplace.

Notably, in a time where many marketplaces make royalties optional, a community marketplace allows creators to secure this income stream by making sure the creator fee is always paid. That applies to all orders aggregated from other platforms—even the ones that allow creators to bypass royalties via their UI. Read more on that in our recent blog post.

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